Micro Markets

Frenchs Micro Market

Bistro To Go!

Kinney Vending designs customizable Bistro To Go! kiosks to fit your needs, space, and budget.

What is a Bistro To Go?
Sometimes called unattended retail or micro market, our Bistro To Go! kiosks are a brand new way to offer fresh food, coffee and beverages, popular snacks, and other items to employees. Think of it like your own, customized miniature convenience store at work!

Bistro To Go! kiosks are customizable to fit your company’s space, tastes, and resources and are carefully fitted to blend into your existing architecture. Bistro To Go! kiosks can feature a satisfying array of high-quality, fresh food kiosks, upscale coffee and beverage stations, and snack machines – sure to please anyone seeking a convenient alternative to off-site dining.

Customized Menus

We offer a customizable menu based on your specifications, and through employee surveys, we can easily adjust the menu to suit your employees’ desires. We’ll rotate food item selections on a regular basis in clean, well-stocked displays to keep employees excited about your Bistro To Go! kiosks.

Easily Monitored, Easy to Use

Kinney Vending Bistro To Go! kiosks are monitored remotely so we can restock your favorites quickly. Heart-healthy items are clearly labeled for health-conscious employees. Each food product is bar coded for easy tracking, and our wireless kiosks can be used with a USConnectME card for ease of use and cashless payment options. Easy to use, easily monitored. What could be simpler than that?


We are excited to discuss our revolutionary concept in on-site dining with you!
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